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Artist Marching On Global Warming Issues February 23, 2007

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  • Location: 90494
  • Marching Since: September 13, 2005

We’d like to use this opportunity to raise awareness for issues related to global warming. We all take advantage of the great natural resources the earth gives us and we have no desire to see its shores and communities flooded. Join us in the virtual march to Washington and help raise awareness about this critical issue. Get involved and take an active interest by signing up, telling a friend and getting educated! One person working diligently alone can do wonders, but many people working harmoniously together can accomplish worlds. Thank you.





  • Location: 04101
  • Marching Since: October 16, 2006

Things we once considered “alternative” are now viable options we each can make. The power of consumers “voting with dollars” cannot be underestimated. Making the smallest adjustments in our buying patterns could have huge cumulative effects–even if it’s something as small as buying a non-petroleum based lip balm. For Guster, we’ve started by filling our tour bus with biodiesel, offsetting each show with renewable energy, and requesting organic food and recycling backstage. We know that this is just the beginning of what we can do to lessen our impact and are trying to increase our efforts each time we tour, while recognizing it’s not an “all or nothing” proposition. In a 2006 MTV/CBS News Poll of 13-24 year olds, they cited the environment as the most important problem their generation will have to deal with. 81% of young people in the same poll said that steps need to be taken right away to stop Global Warming. We’re marching because we are aware of our unique relationship with our fans, and hope to turn them on to ways they can make a difference. Through the environmental non profit, REVERB (founded by Guster guitarist Adam Gardner and his wife Lauren Sullivan), we’re continuing to not only green our tours but also educate and activate our fans to join us in the fight against Global Warming. Guster and Reverb launched the first annual “Campus Consciousness Tour” in spring 2006 — a national tour of colleges and universities combining music, environmental awareness, and community service. Bringing together local and national non-profits, campus organizations, students, administrators and green business leaders in a fun, interactive atmosphere, this tour’s aim is to educate and energize young people to better their personal, community, and global health.


Jon Bon Jovi

  • Location: NY – 10012
  • Marching Since: August 21, 2006

I’m like anyone else. As the father of four young children, the more I learned about the issue of Global Warming, the more I educated myself, the more I was driven to make whatever difference I could. At home, the family SUV was traded in for a Hybrid. At work, Bon Jovi are addressing how we can tour in the future and leave a smaller carbon footprint behind. On tour this summer, educational materials will be a part of the concert experience. And we’re making a donation of monies into offset programs (including Native Energy) to help compensate for the carbon footprint our tour left behind. This is not a political issue, it doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you’re on. This is a moral issue. Each of us are obligated to do what we can to be part of the solution. And it’s easy. Shut the lights off when you leave the room; lower the air conditioning; buy energy efficient appliances; make your next car a hybrid. Every little bit helps.


Sheryl Crow

  • Location: CA – 90046
  • Marching Since: December 12, 2006

We live on a beautiful planet, but the state of its health will be the deciding factor in our own health and longevity. We seem to forget that the earth is a living organism and that when it dies, we die. As we watch our climate change radically, it is imperative that we change the way we treat our planet.




Barenaked Ladies

  • Location: ON –
  • Marching Since: February 5, 2007

We’ve had a great time greening our tour; from using biodiesel in our trucks and buses to making sure there’s recycling backstage, as well as more re-useable cups, plates and cutlery. But the most rewarding part of this whole thing has been the response from our fans. During our fall tour, our American fans offset over 1,000,000 miles of driving through carbon offsets, via our Barenaked Planet stickers. We’re continuing our travels across Canada this winter, and we’ll see if we Canucks are as green as we say we are! We’re excited to be adding our voices to the Stop Global Warming Virtual March and invite you join too!

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Strip Out The Fans, Add 8 Gallons of Cooking Oil February 22, 2007

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Dousing Your Athlon FX-55 With Eight Gallons Of Cooking Oil?

Common sense dictates that submerging your high-end PC in cooking oil is not a good idea. But, of course, engineering feats and science breakthroughs were made possible by those who dared to explore the realms of the non-conventional. Members of the Munich-based THG lab are only too happy to confirm this fact. And not only did we find that our AMD Athlon FX-55 and GeForce 6800 Ultra equipped system didn’t short out when we filled the sealed shut PC case with cooking oil – but the non-conductive properties of the liquid coupled created a totally cool and quiet high-end PC, devoid of the noise pollution of fans. The PC case – or should we say tank – also offered a new and novel way to display and show off your PC components.


Remember our Record Attempt: The 5 GHz Project when we went to cooling extremes with liquid nitrogen, Build Your Own XGA Projector! or the PC that manages with just 37 Watts of power? And don’t forget the Espresso machine in the PC case. And now? Many hours of work along with preparation time coupled with numerous glitches are behind our new one-of-a-kind specimen.

Technically, our attractive high-end PC can keep up with the best of the crop as far as performance goes – minus the noise, of course, associated with an extremely loud standard 08/15 case. Indeed, the large volume of liquid guarantees absolutely silent operation – no fans are running. And even under maximum load the three major building blocks remain sufficiently cool: processor, graphics card and chipset.


The Do-It-Yourself Oil PC: Pour eight gallons of vegetable oil into the running benchmark operation and the silent Athlon-FX-55 system is ready. A GeForce 6800 Ultra as well as other components are included.


Our video 18 follows a completely new approach to the cooling of a high-end PC system: eight gallons of oil are poured here into a specially prepared case with powerful components. And all that during benchmark operation!

The videos from the Munich-based THG lab have been followed by a wide audience ever since the first film in 2001. As we did for our previous films, we offered Video 18 in three different formats from the get-go. All the while, we’ve always attempted to achieve an optimum picture quality with a comparably very low bit rate.

In order to cater to the wishes of a few readers who don’t want to install an additional video codec, we offer the new video in WMV9 format for the MS Windows Media Player as well as for Apple in Quicktime format (H.264).






Frou Frou – Let Go February 10, 2007

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